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Getting things ‘sorted’

Roma writes:

 I’ve been busy today getting things sorted out and deciding what I am to take with me to Scotland. In the morning I cleared out my blue suitcase (I usually keep it as an “emergency case” as I call it) and put the things in a drawer; in the afternoon I did odd sundry bits of washing, and this evening I’ve been mending some things. I’ve made out a long list and I keep adding to it when I think of anything else, then when I pack properly I can check everything over to make sure all is there.

I’m taking navy blue corduroy shorts for cycling. I’ve got rather a nice new shirt to wear with them. It really is a shirt. I got it from Pop’s and they’re meant for men but are more suitable for women. He has them in various colours; mine is a brownish brick colour, made of linen, very nice. I’m taking a blue and white spotted piqué blouse also for the trip. I’m taking my navy jerkin to wear over the top – it’s a good old stand-by, I’ve had it for years and it’s as good as ever, zip up the front and two pockets, keeps out the wind marvellously.

I’m also taking a nice thick navy pullover, be lovely and warm if we have some cold weather. I’m putting in three dresses, they may be useful – brown silk flowered, red and white spotted, and blue flowered. I’m taking my white curly coat, it’s nice over summer dresses. Then of course I’m going in my new costume; it is nice, bluish heather mixture, with a bag to match which Mummy is making. It’s having a long strap to hang it on the shoulder – the fashion these days. I think I may wear the yellow scarf on my head and the yellow gloves to travel, I’m not sure.

I’m sending my luggage about Tuesday or Wed to make sure of getting it there in good time. It’ll be a relief not having to bother about it with the porter difficulty that there is these days. One good thing – I don’t have to cross London because the Scottish train goes from King’s Cross and I shall go on a King’s Cross train from here, so I’ll be on the spot. I still don’t know whether I shall get a sleeper – you can’t book till 4 pm on the day as the Government have prior claim up to that time. But I’m not really worried about that. 

The proposed route 

popup|Proposed cycling route

From Crieff right across country to Fort William (south end of the Caledonian Canal), and from there all the way along the canal, passing Lochs Lynnhe, Lochy, Oich and Ness, to Inverness. This is the most northerly point of our trip. Then we turn south, and finish up at Perth again, from where we train back to Dundee. 

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