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Mystery drama

Mystery drama

Escape Sequence cover

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Escape Sequence is has been going through a revision process, and is now available on limited release. Please join my mailing list here to receive a FREE advance copy!

Escape Sequence

You’re driving up the M1, thinking your thoughts, when suddently you realise you’ve travelled about ten miles without being aware of it. It’s as if you’ve woken up from a dream.

We’ve all been there. Escape Sequence, my first mystery drama, simply takes this idea a bit further. What if you “woke up” in exactly this situation, but couldn’t remember how you got there, where you were going, or in fact anything at all about your life?

It soon becomes clear that the leading character is suffering abrupt and near-complete memory loss. At first he has to work out who he is; then, feeling like a bystander in his own life, he struggles to come to terms with people he hardly knows and a job that he barely remembers, while at the same time trying to find out what happened to him.

As he pieces his past together, an unexpected death casts a shadow over his efforts, and he starts to suspect that many things in his world may not be quite what they seem.

Should he start to build a new life on the basis of what he thinks and feels now, or would that life be in danger of crumbling as his memory returns? Should he forge new relationships (one in particular seems beguiling), or pick up the threads of those he had before? Can he be absolved of past mistakes if he has no memory of them?

As the pace quickens, he lunges through an increasingly challenging series of crises before unravelling the mystery surrounding his life.




Escape Sequence, my early stand-alone novel, has been undergoing revision. It hasn’t been published yet, but it is available FREE to subscribers to my mailing list.

Please click here to join the list.

Memory loss – new take on an old theme?

Amnesia is one of the oldest dramatic devices around, so why yet another story on that theme? Well, it’s popular for the simple reason that it opens up so many interesting possibilities. In a way, you can never have too much of a good thing.

My character takes a very long time to recover more than fragments of his memory. My understanding is that sufferers usually get their memory back a lot more quickly than he does, unless the memory loss has a physiological cause. The “long game” approach suited my purpose, but I admit it’s not necessarily the typical experience.


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