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Mystery drama

Mystery drama

Privacy policy

I thought I’d better include this page, though you don’t need to fear any invasion of privacy on my part.


This website uses cookies, but only to manage user interaction. Almost all websites use these, and they’re permitted under UK law*. They’re certainly not used for marketing purposes. I probably wouldn’t know how to set those up, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to. 


The site may use Google Analytics to monitor visits and so on, but it can’t track individuals.

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Email addresses

If you submit your email address to the site so that I can alert you when my books are published, that’s what I’ll use it for. I won’t take advantage of it to market other stuff at you (I don’t have any other stuff to market) or sell it to anyone else. If you submit your address in order to contact me, then obviously I’ll use it to reply to you. If you submit it with a book review, I’ll keep it on record, but certainly won’t publish it on any website. Finally, if you contribute to my blog, you need to provide your email address, but it won’t be shown on the page or used for anything else.



*Specifically the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.








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