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Mystery drama

Mystery drama

Link to Alternative Outcome book page

Alternative Outcome  Mike Stanhope mystery 1

Disillusioned journalist Mike Stanhope has self-published his first mystery novel online, hoping to shift his career on to a new trajectory. But when he starts digging into the real life events behind the true story, fact and fiction intertwine, threatening his peace of mind, his security and even his life. 

Read the first ten chapters on this site  |  Buy the book on Amazon

Link to Deficit of Diligence book page
Deficit of Diligence
  Mike Stanhope mystery 2

It seemed such a simple assignment. “Go north, keep an eye on the firm we’ve acquired, report back.” Just a blip in writer Mike Stanhope’s new life. Yet soon he’s out of his depth. Commercial chicanery, a lapse in judgement, intimidation, a kidnapping, a beguiling woman and an elusive windfall are pulling his world apart. 

Read the first ten chapters on this siteBuy the book on Amazon

Link to Denial of Credit book page
Denial of Credit
   Mike Stanhope mystery 3

Ghost-writing an autobiography for a top business executive seems an intriguing challenge, and Mike Stanhope needs the money, but Alan Treadwell proves a tough taskmaster, and soon Mike is learning disturbing things about him that he’d rather not know. Meanwhile, can he juggle his faltering relationship with the prospect of a new involvement, and still maintain his integrity?

Read the first ten chapters on this site | Buy the book on Amazon 

Link to The Concrete Ceiling book page
The Concrete Ceiling
   Mike Stanhope mystery 4  OUT NOW!

Mike’s hand hovers over the mouse. He clicks ‘Submit’. His bid to rekindle sales of his languishing self-published novel has begun. But he has no inkling of the dire repercussions he’s just triggered. Juggling work, interrupted romance and a desire to change his life, he finds himself drawn into the most puzzling and ultimately terrifying series of challenges he’s ever faced.

Read the first ten chapters on this site | Buy the book on Amazon 

Link to Never Going to Happen book page
Never Going to Happen
   Stand-alone mystery by Peter Rowlands writing as Anders Teller

What caused Tom Anthony’s car crash? Desperate to remember, he lurches from one crisis to another as he brushes with threats, romance and ruthless people bent on changing the course of history. Written under the pen-name Anders Teller, this stand-alone thriller has all the hallmarks of the popular Mike Stanhope mysteries – including its surprise ending.

Read the first ten chapters on this site | Buy the book on Amazon 


Link to Escape Sequence book page
Escape Sequence
  Stand-alone mystery

Who is he? He can’t remember. All he knows is that he’s driving north, perhaps fleeing something. He starts to piece his past together, yet feels like an observer in his own life. Struggling to take control of his complex relationships and responsibilities, he fends off increasingly aggressive threats as he tries to find out what happened to him.  IN PREPARATION

Read the first ten chapters on this site


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