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Mystery drama

Mystery drama

Mike Stanhope – Book 5        OUT NOW!
Now or Not at All Read more about this book on Now or Not at All

Kirsty Thornhill disappeared three years ago. Is she dead, or just determined to keep her head down? Turning reluctant detective, journalist Mike Stanhope scours West Yorkshire for answers, but the trail is cold. Meanwhile, juggling his search with his faltering day job and his precarious love life proves an increasingly risky strategy.

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My alter ego unmasked!            

Read more about this book on Never Going to Happen page

Never Going to Happen

What caused Tom Anthony’s car crash? Desperate to remember, he lurches from one crisis to another as he brushes with threats, romance and ruthless people bent on changing the course of history. Written under the pen-name Anders Teller, this stand-alone thriller has all the hallmarks of the popular Mike Stanhope mysteries – including its surprise ending.

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Buy Kindle edition from Amazon

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More striking than fiction?

Scottish Cycle Tour 1943

Scottish cycle tour 1943

Two young women, one English and one Scottish, set off from Crieff at the height of the war to tackle the Highlands on bicycles. How did their plan work out? You can find out by reading their diary on this site. It brims with warmth and immediacy, and brings to life an almost forgotten aspect of that increasingly distant time.




Latest blog post

Voices from 1943

The other day, poking around in the loft, I stumbled on a remarkable diary - a real-life snapshot of what now seems a very distant past. It’s an account of a cycling tour of scenic Scotland by two women in their mid-twenties in July 1943. One of them was my mother; the other was one of her closest friends. I’d seen it when I was young, but re-reading it in the present day was like discovering it all over again.

They'd had it typed so that they could send it to loved ones away at war, and my family’s copy was given cardboard covers, which probably helped to preserve it. And what a revelation it is! We tend to see the second world war through the prism of black and white photographs, bombing and devastation, battles and retreats, successes and disaster. This is another view. The grind of war is there in the background, but the diary shows that for brief moments it was still possible for the lucky few to escape.

Cast of characters ...

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No Kindle? No problem!

You don’t need a physical Kindle device to read a Kindle book. You can read it on almost any tablet computer, or even on a smartphone (this works surprisingly well). And of course you can read it on a laptop or desktop computer. The secret in most cases is just getting hold of the free Kindle app.

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Escape Sequence is available on a limited basis.

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for details.


Escape Sequence 

A mystery drama 

by Peter Rowlands



This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real
people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Certain real organisations and locations are mentioned, but
all events and activities relating to them are entirely fictitious.


Peter Rowlands has asserted his right under the
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
to be identified as the author of this work


© Peter Rowlands 2015. All rights reserved. 


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